Photographs of 2021

So, another year has flown by!

My year in photography is filled with people, birds, glaciers, a volcano, politicians, musicians (even if live gigs were at minimum), friends, mountains and adventures!

I got to see some great live gigs, visited an ice cave with my girlfriend (how about the Christmas-present of the year award?), saw the volcano in Geldingadalir burst out (just before it went silent, action might be expected in 2022 though). Highlights were to visit Hrísey island twice, very pleasant stay in the south eastern corner of Iceland and of course visiting the ice cave with my girlfriend Fanney. Special thanks to Eyþór Ingi and Sindri Swan for tolerating me on our trips around northern Iceland, for all the people who asked me to take part in their marriage, their confirmation ceremonies or even photograph them with their firstborn inside!

This has been a lot of fun, I’m ready for 2022!