Photographs of 2020

So it’s finally over, the disastrous year of 2020. For me as a photographer this year has been very good creatively although I’ll have to admit it was hard commercially and financially. Lack of projects made some room for my own projects, mostly landscapes and nature photography I haven’t had to much time for in recent years. I’ve read more books and I did pick up my guitar more often than in recent years, making the most of this year creatively as I could.

Highlights of this year include my first trip to Grímsey island, many road trips around Northern Iceland with my good friend Eyþór Ingi and some brillant concerts at Græni hatturinn, including ADHD, Grísalappalísa and Magga Stína. I’ve met some wonderful families, had some brilliant clients to work with, worked with artists Atli Örvarsson, Birkir Blær and more and of course, photographed the cat a couple of times. I’m especially proud of my participation in some album covers, you can read about album Sólstöður in earlier post.

I did put up an exhibition of photos from Akureyri in Glerártorg, shopping mall. It’s still there but will be taken down early in the new year. The exhibition was well received and I’ll be helping Glertártorg to put more exhibitions up.

I really look forward to 2021, thanks for everything!