Ten Years at Græni hatturinn

In Akureyri we have one of the greatest concert venues in Iceland, Græni hatturinn. Located in the basement of a beautiful building it may not look much from the outside, but the inside has seen some historic concerts in recent years. Græni hatturinn is open to every genre of music and frequently gets visitors from abroad, among them dutch band Focus, Eivör from the Faroe Islands, the guitarist Rusty Anderson and John Grant. This year it’s been 10 years since I first started photographing at Græni hatturinn, it’s been my biggest project as a photographer and it will keep on being a priority for me.

Documenting Græni hatturinn hasn’t only left me a large collection of photographs of Icelandic musicians, it’s also been therapeutic. When there wasn’t a lot of business it’s been a place I could keep on working. I’ve seen some outstanding artists and some memorable concerts that never would have been if not for the small stage in Græni hatturinn.

In 2013 I was one of the photographers to publish a book about Græni hatturinn, containing photos from it’s ten year history. Here you find more information about the book.