Landscape hunting in North Iceland

During the pandemic me and my good friends Eyþór Ingi and Sindri Swan have been using our time to photograph our surroundings in North Iceland. Our trips have mostly been on wednesdays, gaining us the nickname the wednesday photographers. These trips have been fruitful, we’ve made some interesting images and had many cups of coffee

Photographing Iceland in the wintertime doesn’t give you a lot of time in the daylight, so much of our effort has been done during the night. Now as the sun is rising higher above the horizon we might use the longer days to travel further away from our home in Akureyri.

Now we are looking for some ideas, do you have a secret place you think we should visit? Do you have a favourite place around your neighbourhood you rarely see in photographs?

We’ll make sure to keep it secret if you wish.

Look up Sindri’s and Eyþór’s social media or websites to see some of their shots from these trips!

Eyþór’s websiteEyþór’s Instagram

Sindri Swan websiteSindri’s Instagram

Below you can see some of the places we have visited in the past months.

Here we have some of the locations on our wishlist.

Here are some images from our trips.